Metal-Organic Frameworks Containing Frustrated Lewis Pairs for Hydrogen Storage at Ambient Temperature

Recipient University of South Florida/USF (PI: Shengqian Ma)

Abstract This proposal describes a collaborative effort between University of South Florida (USF) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) in developing next-generation sorption-based hydrogen storage material that is based on metal-organic framework (MOF) containing frustrated Lewis pair, FLP@MOF, for hydrogen storage at ambient temperature. Our Phase I Goal is to demonstrate and deliver one FLP@MOF with stable and regenerable gravimetric capacity > 1.5 wt % and volumetric capacity > 0.012 kg H2/L under hydrogen pressure of <100 bar at ambient temperature. The Overall Objective of this three-year project is to produce one or more FLP@MOF that that meets or exceed DOE’s 2025 goal of H2 storage gravimetric density (GD) of 5.5 wt.% and volumetric density (VD) of 0.040 kg H2/L. The proposed approaches include the design, synthesis, characterization, and development of FLP@MOF-based sorbents with H2-storage capacity at ambient temperature surpassing current physisorption-based hydrogen storage materials.