Catalytic uptake and release of hydrogen from liquid phase boranes.

__Recipient__Pacific Northwest National Laboratory/PNNL (PI: Tom Autrey), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/LLNL (co-PI: Brandon Wood), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/LBL (co-PI: David Prendergast) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory/NREL (co-PI: Noemi Leick)

__Abstract__We propose to provide a rational approach to the design of catalysts to increase the efficiency of the uptake and release of hydrogen from liquid phase boranes by identification of catalyst descriptors to facilitate boron hydrogen-bond activation and for release of hydrogen and boron-boron bond activation for the uptake of hydrogen in condensed liquid phases. We anticipate that a well-designed catalyst will enable researchers to double the rate of H2 release at 160 C compared to uncatalyzed borohydride.