Research and Development of Advanced Characterization Core Capabilities

Recipient National Renewable Energy Laboratory/NREL (PI: Phil Parilla) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/LBNL (PI: David Prendergast)

Abstract DOE has taken affirmative steps to promote accurate hydrogen sorption measurements by establishing validation facilities and by commissioning the writing of the Recommended Best Practices for the Characterization of Storage Properties of Hydrogen Storage Materials. As HyMARC researchers advance in hydrogen storage and carrier materials development, they will also need to validate their results and qualify their materials and measurement systems, independently. Therefore, there is a continuing need to have world-class materials characterization facilities as the R&D progresses. This project will culminate in a series of new, advanced characterization capabilities necessitated by the projected storage and carrier materials in order to establish new validated materials, basic physiochemical properties, and applicability of optimal materials for system integration.